Your Best Interests First

Our Mission

To add an element of protection, education
and savings to your automotive buying experience


PAL® inspections provide experienced and credible mechanics that will protect you from buying a lemon, pushy sellers and major repairs.


Learn more with an honest and unbiased assessment that will not only uncover hidden issues, but advise on potential repair costs.


Each PAL inspection report includes mechanic feedback and repair estimates that will help you negotiate or walk away from a lemon.

Why Choose PAL®?

Personal Experience

PAL offers a side by side experience that allows for a more personal connection with the vehicle. If you can’t make the inspection, no problem, you can chat with the mechanic free of charge.

More Value

PAL’s single price of $149 provides significant value, offering a premium inspection and consultation without any pricey add-ons or tiered packages.

Proprietary Technology

PAL’s custom inspection tool enables mechanics to quickly produce inspection reports with repair estimates for issues found that will help you negotiate or walk away.

Creating Positive Experiences

Buying a used vehicle can become a stressful and frustrating experience. At PAL, we treat each inspection as if its our own, providing superior customer service to ensure you feel the peace of mind you deserve in an important decision. Feel better about the vehicle you want with a PAL mechanic by your side.

PAL also provides a new opportunity for mechanics. For many, the workload and income are not aligned: too much work, not enough pay. We believe in offering a more rewarding opportunity by enabling mechanics to use their knowledge and expertise to earn significantly more income in a less stressful environment.